Coraline in IMC

coralineCoraline in 3D was a spectacle of spectacles. As a big fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas, once I learned this film had the same director, my expectations were high and they were met. Since having seen Coraline, I found the movie delivered on all aspects of its visuals, story, and, oh yea, its marketing.

The campaign was a testament to integrated marketing communications or IMC. (The kind of stuff my alma mater hammered in for four years.) The goal of any IMC plan is just how it sounds; all brand touch points involved have a unified feel and message. So, whether it’s advertising across different media channels or securing articles in niche magazines, the campaign theme remains the same.

I can’t speak for all details of their full plan. However, I can express the parts which hit my own life from multiple angles and did so in creative, engaging ways. First came TV spots which were traditional and made the movie seem interesting enough, but that was about it. These spots served as a primer, making Coraline top-of-mind and making their next point of contact even more compelling.

As a reader of WIRED magazine they further drove my interest with an article detailing the materials and creation of the Coraline set (an arts-and-craft lover’s dream, or nightmare, depending on how you look at it). The reading was packed with interesting facts like “3 seconds of film took 3 weeks to shoot” and “using needles as tiny as 0.02 inch in diameter [thin as a human hair], Indiana-based doll-clothes maker Aletha Crome knit Coraline’s diminutive gloves and sweaters.” I know, my hand just cramped thinking about it, too. But the post must go on!

pl_screen_mrbobinsky_fThe next contact happened online. Coraline was already a hot trending topic on Twitter. Not to mention there was buzz all over blogs about a special gift in the mail. This one received by laughing squid, was just one of 50 unique gifts each taken from the world of Coraline and sent to a reputable blogger. How cool is that?! Makes me wish I had made this blog sooner and more reputable. The detail in this promotion generated greater online conversation and excitement around the movie. Top it all off with a new cut of the trailer featured on the front page of YouTube and I couldn’t wait any longer.

$13.50 later, I was far from done with their methods. I had become a brand advocate for Coraline. Everyone I knew needed to know they should see the movie and I wanted more for myself, so I headed to the website. The website was incredible. Once you’re done here, please, visit and play around. It is a complete digital reworking of the world where the movie takes place and completely interactive. You feel like you are revisiting settings explored the same way as the protagonist. The site also offers plenty of digital memorabilia which can be personalized and shared with friends. Hence the awesome Button Eyes Photo for this post.

I’m a strong believer that success (in this case, buying the ticket) is always giving the potential buyer a relevant reason to talk about you. When there’s a conversation about your brand, there’s awareness, and when it’s relevant, it becomes a passionate and actionable conversation. This IMC plan not only did that but featured a website with channels for brand advocates, like myself, to further promote the movie. Grade A IMC.


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