Fiesta 101

That UHaul is eyeing the Fiesta. Sorry UHaul, you carry furniture, not hopes and dreams. I remember the day well; 95 of the 100 agents had already been selected and I wasn’t one of them. The next day would prove to be the moment of truth–would I one of the last five? Nope. Out of 4,000 participants who entered, all 100 were picked to be agents of the Fiesta Movement. I was disappointed, but it wasn’t the end of the world–I told my friends who help with the video the bad news and we all moved on, well, at least until a week later.

On a Friday around 4pm, I checked my voicemail to hear a message from one of the members of AMG who were running the Fiesta competition. He wanted to talk about how I had entered a while ago and to call him back. So, I did. While the phone was ringing by my ear I couldn’t help but think he wanted to offer some door prize for the 3,900 not picked–Ford Fiesta branded pens, perhaps? Not quite. “I don’t know if you knew, but you were the first person on the alternate’s list and one of the originally selected agents dropped out–would you still like the car?” I accepted and in that moment number 101 (me) just became number 100 (me with a new, car-owning, number). I am a Fiesta Agent!

While I obviously wasn’t Ford’s first choice, except maybe as an alternate, I don’t think I’ll let down the spirit of this experiment. I am so excited about this car. This car means opportunity and freedom that was lost when my old car was totaled by my younger brother 3 years ago. With video camera in hand (or mounted on car hood, pending carpentry skills) I cannot wait to produce some entertaining content for people to watch.

Training and Raining
April 19-20 (Sunday/Monday) all the north east agents were called into New York City for training on the program, and on day two, bused to NJ for training with the car at Raceway Park. Monday, April 20th was quite possibly the worst rainstorm we’ve had all year–perfect driving weather. Everyone hopped in the cars, horns honking already before we got to know our cars a little better. After training I must say my favorite feature of the car, outside of it being a freakin’ car, is the bluetooth voice command system. There is a British woman’s voice which allows me to dial/answer phone calls through the sound system as well as alter the temperature of the car! Now I just need to make sure she doesn’t become self-aware and fall in love with me, though I’ve already fallen for her.

The ride back alone was equal parts terrifying and amazing as I adjusted to driving stick-shift, a skill I had only acquired a week prior to the training event. Needless to say, with only some minor stalling, I made it home safe and sound.


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