My Failed New Yorker 5

New Yorker WolfFor the past 6 months I have entered the New Yorker Caption Contest with some close calls, but little success for even a nomination. I consider it to be the perfect weekly challenge to test my mettle for headline writing. 

I refuse to give up, not until I win it all. 

Join me on the frustration and failures as I now feature my weekly submissions and those that beat me. Mark my words–I will not give up. I will pave a public road of mistrials and misfortune, no matter how many, so that one day I will defeat this arch rival: Damn you, NEW YORKER!

My Entry

March 23


The Winner

The Winner


Though the enraged wolf might make you think otherwise, I understand the choice which got selected as first place by readers: “You’re in trouble when we get to the bicycles.” As for the other two nominations, I feel like it’s one of those things were the gap between first and second is a large one. Somehow I hoped I would fit in that gap, but I guess it just wasn’t my week. Yet, we can all still hope this cartoon was inspired by a true story; life has brought weirder things to our attention before. I’ll get you next week, New Yorker!


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