My Failed New Yorker 6

Scream New YorkerFor the past 6 months I have entered the New Yorker Caption Contest with some close calls, but little success for even a nomination. I consider it to be the perfect weekly challenge to test my mettle for headline writing. 

I refuse to give up, not until I win it all. 

Join me on the frustration and failures as I now feature my weekly submissions and those that beat me. Mark my words–I will not give up. I will pave a public road of mistrials and misfortune, no matter how many, so that one day I will defeat this arch rival: Damn you, NEW YORKER!

My Entry

My Caption

The Winner

Always an Ivory Tickler


This week I got a little “New Yorker” with the humor (hey, you’d figure that would work in this contest). It didn’t. But that’s okay thanks to this gem, “And every year they return to my piano to spawn and die.” I literally laughed out loud, L-LOL’d if you will. Let us lock wits soon again, New Yorker!


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