To Be or Not B2B?

B2B (business-to-business) marketing is not an excuse for bad advertising. People shouldn’t pat you on the back and say, “Oh, well it’s a tough assignment, that’s B2B you’re dealing with.” If anything it’s an opportunity to rise above all the dry, meaningless business jargon and communicate something powerful about your client. That’s what I really dug about this wall ad I saw for IBM in Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

IBM Wall ADThe ad isn’t dry, nor is it cheesy or over-the-top clever with the wording. Instead, they use an excellent visual demonstration relevant to its media placement. Anyone getting off the plane instantly recognizes that sweeping aerial view of human-sectioned land. That is, until you quickly realize you aren’t looking at land, but microchips–and, thanks to the visual, it’s been rapidly communicated that there’s a vast amount of them. 

The body copy closes the deal: “Depicts 76,103 circuit boards, equal to the number of pounds of e-waste created every minute by discarded technology. Let’s build smarter products.

When a business traveller sees this it not only makes them aware of the problem and its impact, but highlights IBM as the solution. Quick, relevant, and effective B2B. Tough assignments aren’t impossible assignments.


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