Phone Alone

London CallingThis thought occurred to me while I was out on a run: It’s a common happening that my friends will reach out to me while my phone is nowhere by my side. Usually I know this will happen in advance. That said, why not follow the lead of what AIM did with away messages and use them on our cell phones?

Picture this:

I set my phone’s Away Message as, “Out for a Run. Be back at 4:30pm.” This is now activated. While I’m away from my phone anyone that calls it or texts it will receive a bounce back message detailing that I’m, “Out for a run. Be back at 4:30pm.”

With that message I’m informing the sender that multiple calls/texts won’t reach me and I won’t be available to return their message at least until that time prescribed. I don’t waste their time and I don’t have to explain myself.

What are your thoughts? Would you find something like that useful in your life or am I the only one who steps away from his phone?



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2 responses to “Phone Alone

  1. sounds like twitter!

  2. penguin

    Yes, make it happen.

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