Boone for Business

BooneThanks to a tweet via @saman325 I came across the new site for North Carolina Ad Agency, Boone Oakley. When you click on the link you immediately notice something different about it. Mostly for the fact that the entire website consists solely of YouTube videos with interactive links.

As the introduction states, “We figured the best way to tell our story is to make our website one.”

I found the story-telling to be clever from the minor elements like their “loading bar” to the overarching presentation of their work and people. Above all else this concept of a website shows what the story is ultimately trying to say–“they’re a full-service ad agency for those who dare to daring work.” In this case, daring work includes the daring way they chose to display said work.

The only BooneOakley work I had been familiar with prior to the site were their GOBAMA Decals. As a testament to their website, I was engaged enough to explore the rest of the work they do–it’s always a good sign when looking through someone’s work doesn’t feel like work.

My gears immediately started turning. I thought it would be interesting to apply to the agency by making a YouTube video with a similar style, however while writing this blog post I found that my quick-witted and overall awesome ad friend Jason Rapport had beat me to the punch.

Jason’s video is great and I have no job to gain by saying that. He mirrored their tone perfectly while still making it his own–perhaps it came easily since I know for a fact his personality would be a perfect fit for their agency.

Please, support Jason by watching his video, commenting, and rating it. His attempt was just as daring as the website and like the website, should be rewarded by more than a blog post written by me.


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