Rolled up toothpaste tube.

Rolled up toothpaste tube.

This post is not for the stank of breath.

The thought occurred to me as I went through the usual motions of brushing my teeth. I had started the hot water running to soften the brush’s bristles. As the faucet did its job, I reached over for my tube of toothpaste. Coiled. It was near the end of its life cycle resembling something more of plastic snail than a vessel for this ADA ritual. And then the thought came: Why? Why do we do this?

Since the inception of the toothpaste tube people have coiled and curled their money’s worth from it every single time. This, in fact, is such a popular behavior that they invented special rollers to aid our literal penny pinching. However, even with rollers behind us do we ever really use the recommended amount of paste? I’ve heard it’s supposed to be pea-sized, but who actually does it? You don’t want to undershoot it and get cavities. Of course, overshooting leads to a waste of paste.


Mint-Flavored Dial, anyone?

My proposal is a new dispenser for toothpaste. Much like we do a simple pump to retrieve a specified amount of soap, why not get our toothpaste in the same fashion? This container would not only ensure good habits for children by applying the correct portion of toothpaste to their brush heads each time, but it also avoids all the physical complications of rolling the tube by hand.

And, for the sake of being environmentally conscious, make the tubes replaceable. It’s the same idea as any dispenser. Keep the main device. Reload when it’s done.

From there the skies the limit design-wise. Make the packaging as fun as the heads of PEZ dispensers or give it the bold, minimalist look of Kohler. Either way, it should find itself at home by our bathroom sinks.

So, what do you say P&G? Seems like the kind of idea that’d put smile on your face. How about you readers? While the trials of toothpaste tubes don’t exactly rank on the same radar as global warming, would any of you find this useful?


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  1. penguin

    I’ve seen something similar but just not reusable so I think it’s a great idea!

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