Inspiration: A Cautionary Tale

Inspiration OverloadI love inspiration. We all do. And why not? It gets us pumped. We see it or hear it and spontaneously want to kick ass at whatever it is we aspire to do. But the Negative Ned in me says there’s a dark side to inspiration that we rarely mention. You see, inspiration’s good…a little too good. And you know what they say about too much of a good thing? Well, hold onto your keyboards because this post is about too much of too good a thing.

For the regulars of us inspiration comes in the right doses. We manage to seek it out every so often, just enough to refill the spirtual well and keep us moving forward. The key here is that we manage it, but, if we don’t, we can become victims of our insatiable desire for inspiration.

The internet has become a source for volumes upon volumes of easily accessible and often inspiring forms of expression. There’s nothing to stop you from spending your entire day browsing through it all in an effort to “get motivated” or “feel more creative.” And that’s where the problem exists–you’ll feel incredibly inspired by other’s creativity but no longer have the time to create anything yourself. All of a sudden inspiration isn’t a means to propel you, it becomes a crutch on which we never stop leaning, and thus, never begin accomplishing.

Ironic as it is fortunate, these same powers of the internet allow us the ability to schedule our inspiration with flexibility. There’s so much brilliance being uploaded to your mainstay sites that you need only designate a 30 minute window to take it in at a time of your convenience.

Creativity necessitates responsibility (their connection is only grounded further by ending in -ity). It’s your responsibility to know the quantity of time you spend admiring other’s work and when to cut yourself off. After all, the people who inspire you didn’t produce that work by drooling over their idols–they simply got to work and decided it was better to spend more time being inspiring than inspired.


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