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“You just could feel it coming down, you just could feel everyone’s asshole’s just tightening up.”

Sounds unsettling? It should. These words speak to the anticipation of being laid off. Sadly, a relatable feeling for more than 70,000 advertising professionals. But there’s a story that lies beyond the anxious moment preserved in those words, a story featured in the upcoming documentary, Lemonade.

Conceived by PFTA founder, Erik Proulx, Lemonade intends to explore “what happens when people who were once paid to be creative in advertising are forced to be creative with their own lives.”

What happens is proof of the human spirit. The trailer which I’ve posted below is filled with vignettes rich in triumph. The people featured are members of those 70,000 drifting souls; connected not only by their loss, but in their ability to move forward with their lives.

Some might point out that this film is glorifying lay-offs. I would point out that those people are confusing lay-offs with humanity. I suspect the film will show the darker side of lay-offs, but it will not linger on them. And it shouldn’t. In one way or another we all have come to know how difficult this time is, that is a story of which we already know. I care to hear about what I don’t know, namely the stories of these people who have moved on from darkness into something better. The sign that while being laid off isn’t necessarily a gift, it is a pass to something within us, something we had long since closed off from ourselves.

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