How To Enter A Video Contest

HOW TO YOU DOA few weeks ago held its first-ever video contest. Based on popular vote by the viewing public, only the top 10 entries would be eligible for judging. At the risk of aiding our competition my friends and I created, “How To Enter A Video Contest.” Admittedly, it was more humorous than helpful.

Unfortunately, we did not get enough votes to appear within the top 10, ultimately ranking 45 out of 148 submissions. Looking at the chosen elite, I don’t feel cheated in any way. In fact, it kind of made me want to learn how to become more knowledgeable about filming and editing (which I’m sure is a video on their main site). In any case, feel free to click the earlier link to view our submission. It’s definitely worth a few laughs–upon rough estimate, I’d say three-and-one-half laughs.


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  1. penguin

    You were still ahead of 103 others 🙂

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