Big Ad Gig Update

I’m absolutely overwhelmed by the turn out for my entry video. As of this posting, the video has reached 789 views, 85 unique text comments, and six video responses (apparently a lot of people are camera shy).

Of all the messages I’ve received the most exciting may have been the e-mail which said I had officially moved into the top 18. The e-mail continued to say the judges would be narrowing it down the final eight over the next couple days, which, of course, has been my goal from the beginning.

I don’t know if the scale and positivity of these comments mean anything to the judges, but they certainly mattered to me. Win or lose, the most valuable take-away from this contest is knowing that I’m not alone in my belief that I can do this. I can only hope that I’m given the chance to prove everyone right for supporting me.

The way I spread word-of-mouth was through a facebook event with a tactical twist. I knew some people would be willing to take the time to comment out of the kindness of their hearts, but, to go beyond that and tell their friends, family, and colleagues? Generosity has its limits. So, as a means to show my gratitude while incentivizing promotion beyond the event’s original attendees, I made the only offer I could:

Anyone who commented and then spread the word by, a) telling another friend, b) making the video their FB status, c) Tweeting it, or, d) all of the above, would receive an original illustration or short poem/rap with topic of their choosing crafted by yours truly. These images were then tagged as a photo of the contributing person, showing all those on Facebook that this was dedicated to them for going the extra mile.

Hey, it’s the most I could offer them to show my appreciation for going beyond themselves. I questioned how successful leveraging my drawing style and rhyming ability would be, but they seem to have been a hit. Below is a collection of just a few of the specially created illustrations, and, a requested rap about one man’s love for ketchup. Why not?

Coming Along

Cute Doesnt


We all have


Ketchu Rap

PS–Those who haven’t seen the video can check it out here. Feel free to comment whether you think I deserve it based on my portfolio, resume, and blog. And, of course, if you share it with others, tell me about your good deed. You’re owed one of these illustrations or poems/raps upon request.


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