Download Shout Out

People are willing to pay few mental tolls in order to download something they really want. If you make it too difficult by requesting too much of their personal information, or worse, their friend’s personal information, you’re usually out of luck. Usually. Here’s a great example of what I believe will become an innovative quid pro quo for downloading.

As you see on the site, the only way you can watch the exclusive trailer is by allowing them to post a message on your facebook or twitter saying you downloaded it from this site.

It works. I only found out about this site because a friend of mine did exactly that. Think of it as an automated word-of-mouth which maintains the genuine nature of the traditional form. I say it remains genuine because my friend wouldn’t have downloaded it unless she was truly interested in the music/trailer and wanted to share that fact. That said, this shout out becomes the equivalent of any political ad we’ve seen, “this message approved by your friend.”

We all have our online reputations to uphold and we would never cross the line into becoming hucksters at the risk of losing the genuine connections we’ve formed. This idea generates conversation in a traditional way through non-traditional means. I like it.
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