Big Ad Gig (Final Update)

I just received the final notice this morning. I was not chosen among the final eight.

I already said it in my prior post, “Win or lose, the most valuable take-away from this contest is knowing that I’m not alone in my belief that I can do this.” 

I still hold that statement true and it’s thanks to all of you. There is nothing more any of you could have done. Your time and energy were well spent, and likely, are what propelled me as far as I went in the competition.

Any failing here is of my own.

It’s a failing I’ll remedy the only way I know how, by continuing forward, working as hard as I have up to this point. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some robot programmed to exhibit graciousness. This definitely sucks big time. And yes, it would’ve been a nice chance to have, but I know it won’t be my last one.

Those of you who haven’t received your illustrations or poems/raps. They are coming soon. I’ve been catching up with my work on my one client and will have those to you all likely by the end of today.

I’ve still been given an invite to the live event so I can watch the top eight compete in the battle for the job. My only word of advice to the finalists is to, please, blow us all away. Don’t take this opportunity lightly. Show the 41 others who didn’t make it that we couldn’t have even touched you on stage. Show the crowd the judges made the absolute right decision. This is your chance to take control of your career, and, if you don’t, someone else up there will take control for you. I’m looking forward to some great ideas and even greater presentation. Don’t let me down.



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2 responses to “Big Ad Gig (Final Update)

  1. penguin

    The sad trombone was very suiting Dylan :p

    You already know how talented and driven you are and I know you don’t need anyone to make you feel better because despite being disappointed you know how to look at the positive side of situations.

    I think I speak on behalf of many when I say I know that feeling of wanting something so badly, putting so much time and effort, and not getting it all too well. It’s not a comfortable feeling to say the least, but it definitely builds layers of strength that we need in order to move in the direction that is meant for us.

    Keep up the great work, you already have a huge fan base you don’t need to win a competition to realize it!

  2. derek

    sorry dude. you deserved that shit.

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