Clicking On This Ad Will Disrupt Your Video

The other day I was perusing through the movie trailers on Rotten Tomatoes. As I was enjoying one trailer in particular, I noticed an ad to the immediate right of the main player (ad pictured above). It was a video ad, and it came along with an interesting message: “Clicking on this ad will not disrupt your video.

Now, I understand the intent behind this message. They mean to say that clicking on their video ad would not stop the video I’m currently watching. How thoughtful of them. In other words, their video ad would just start playing with its audio blaring over the video I’m already watching. Yea. Just like they said, not disruptive at all.

This got me thinking about the subtly intrusive nature of this type of advertising. Does it even make sense for a video ad to be made playable next to another video?

Sure. I could always have the interest to click on it when my video is over, but then why have that message there in the first place? The message almost seems to suggest I should click on their video ad while my video is in action, which, quite clearly, makes no sense.

Video advertising has its place in pre-roll, next to static content and on YouTube, but as far as this placement is concerned: either ditch the confusing message, or don’t be next to my videos at all.


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