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The Beginning: An Introductory Birth of the Never-Before-Seen First Inaugural Premiere Post

OneAs the title may have delicately hinted, this is my first post for this blog.

As far as origin stories go, this isn’t quite the big-bang or the signing of the Declaration of Independence, but that’s because mostbig beginnings, most catalysts we know, had a much smaller build up. Only after all the toil and tears of atoms and Americans in powdered-wigs did those truly big events come to fruition. A lot went into the making of those larger moments, failures and successes, both big and small. But, inevitably, the journey was always towards something bigger than the way it started–expect this blog to be like that.

Don’t expect this blog to be like one without purpose. A blog without purpose is like a hammer without nails. People begin to ask, “What’s with all the banging?” They shout, “Quit making that racket, it’s a Sunday!” There is no point in making useless noise, not only is there already enough of it, but it just aggravates people and gives them unpleasant ideas about what they’d do with that hammer in hand. However, give that blog a purpose, and, like a hammer with nails, you will contribute something useful to the world. You will be building upon a structure which people can believe in, feel, and think under. That said, I raise my fingers over the keyboard, and like ten tiny hammers, ironically enough, with nails already on them, I plan to make a lot of noise with meaning. (Yes, even on Sunday, sorry.)

This blog is multi-purpose, but don’t mistake that for a lack of purpose. Don’t you remember the hammer/nails thing a paragraph ago? Consider it added-value, cookies and milk (or Lactaid for those lactose intolerant readers). I’m aware the most successful blogs have a singular point that never strays, my recent favorite being My Mom Is a Fob. However, this blog isn’t trying to be the next big thing, it’s trying to be the next big window into my thoughts on advertising and marketing, my humor, and my writing. So enjoy the posts to come and this journey you’ll be joining me on. It’s sure to be one filled with milk, cookies, hammers, nails, and a simile or two.


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