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The Big Ad Gig

Open Arms


Most people despise those who advertise. They snort their nose at our supposed lies. And claw away at their invention of our deceptive guise.

Entertainment blends with endorsement like a necessary accoutrement.

Mass media became a channel which we swim even harder upstream. Devoted to the consumerist nightmare which lives in an American dream.

But I take pride in our side of the communication, turning once wandering minds into prized finds of our persuasion.

Advertisers don’t prey on hearts, rather pray they will listen, for 30 second spots bear a hefty price of admission. As for admission of guilt I have none to admit, it’s a feeling I plan to remain long after I quit.

You see, I prefer opening minds over washing brains and believe in the art of the great campaigns. They can handle the truth as long as we handle with care, maintaining the message without losing its flair.

I look forward to the day I’ll become a big wig, but in order for that to happen, first, I need a big ad gig.

My good ole rhyme-of-a-time from above is inspired by a recent opportunity to win my dream job. It’s called The Big Ad Gig. I love the set up for the contest. To enter, users must submit their portfolio site, resume, and “film a YouTube video where you declare these words in a public space: ‘I deserve a Big Ad Gig.'”

Then the thought occurred to me; what place could be any more public than the internet? That’s why my video (which you can watch below) isn’t addressed to the lunch-time rush at a restaurant or a busy city street, but the online community. In the spirit of this contest I want all my readers to look at my work and tell me whether you think I deserve a big ad gig.

From those criteria the judges will narrow the field to eight finalists. Here’s where it gets really cool. The top eight get access to all the panel discussions and parties at Advertising Week. There, they are also handed a creative brief from The Ad Council. The finale allows 4-minutes for each of the eight to present their concepts to a live audience and a panel of judges. The winning concept gets a full-time, 30 day paid gig with one of the sponsoring agencies. While the money definitely sweetens the deal, it doesn’t make it. More than anything, I’m just absolutely floored at the prospect of showing what I can do, not only on stage at Ad Week, but within one of these agencies for 30 days.

If you want to help then watch the video below. It will tell you everything you need to know in order to get me to the next phase. The one thing the video doesn’t ask is that you spread the word. Cheer me or boo me, either way, you should share my video with others, so they can share in your verdict.


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